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Company offers life insurance for those over 50, together with financial plans for people entering or planning to enter residential care.

Wecome to ACFP. We offer the facts about Insurance for the elderly. We link to some insurance providers but do not sell or supply insurance ourselves. What we can offer is free information that may help you make a mroe informed choice of insurance provider.

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Care home operators face closure as UK councils freeze fees

More care home operators face imminent closure as councils freeze / cut their fees, leading industry analysts have warned. 14 Jul 2013 Long Term Care - Insurance - Personal Finance - Telegraph

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Vet's bills are expensive and it is an unfortunate fact that at some time in our pets' lives they will require veterinary treatment. Major treatment such as operations and overnight stays are extremely expensive. The costs of monthly premiums over the years are usually considered money well spent. It also gives peace of mind to know that your best friend is covered.

Pet insurance covers pet owners against the cost of vets' fees, taking money worries out of the equation when accidents or illnesses happen. Vets are often happy to recommend pet insurance companies. Indeed you often find breeders will give out special deal vouchers offering free cover for the first few months of your pet's life. However as with all insurance you should make a careful note of any exclusions. Keeping Your Pet Safe - Pets Bureau